In order to complete the task given, I have performed the following actions:

– The service pack our company kindly provides to the specialists employed has been purchased and set up (The domain name registration with one of gTLD, the Value hosting plan with the cPanel account for the hosting space management and the PositiveSSL certificate to secure the connection to the domain name).

– After doing so, the PositiveSSL TrustLogo provided by Comodo has been generated and installed to the hosting server side in order for it to be displayed. The TrustLogo code snippets have been pasted before the corresponding </head> and </body> tags in the WordPress theme header and theme footer editing pages.

– The next part of the task was adding the insecure image to the website to provide the insecure content warnign showing on the webpage. The insecure content has been easily fixed with the WordPress plugin named “Really Simple SSL”.

– In order to have an “A+” grade achieved on Qualys SSL Labs, the HSTS header has been set up in the .htaccess file, making sure the connection to the website is executed only via HTTPS.

– The WordPress blog post has been created over the link describing the actions made to complete the task.

Thank you for the attention to the blog post.

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